How We Manage Money

We are life-long students, passionate educators and global thinkers.  That means we take an academic, functional and real-world approach to managing money.  Each client receives a customized Investment Policy Statement, detailing an appropriate asset allocation and framing how we professionally manage the client’s assets.  As global markets, regulatory environments, and clients evolve, we make tactical changes to ensure we stay the course outlined in the client’s financial plan. 

We invest deliberately, with a purpose

We know our clients are mission-driven.  We work with every client to create and manage a tailored Investment Policy Statement that matches the client's needs, goals and mission with its investment objectives and constraints.  Those inputs are the sole drivers of our recommendations, ensuring that investment decisions are deliberate and purposeful.  No client recommendation is the same.    

Globally balanced, well diversified portfolios reduce risk

History has demonstrated that risk and return are related, and investors receive compensation in proportion to the risk they take.   We employ the Nobel Prize fundamentals of Modern Portfolio Theory, which suggests investors can reduce risk and may increase return through the use of globally balanced, well diversified portfolios with exposure to various asset classes.  Individual asset classes move in random, unpredictable patterns and no asset class, size or style is always the best performer.  Chasing performance leads to uncompensated risk and volatility that cuts into portfolio growth.  The globally balanced approach allows investors to “diversify away” the uncompensated risk inherent in stand-alone assets and “smooth” overall performance.

It’s not about timing the market, but having time in the market

Markets work.  Speculation is futile.  Rather than attempting to chase trends, instincts and emotions, we employ a long term investment discipline that is academically sound and best positions our clients to take an appropriate amount of risk to achieve their goals.

Active vs. Passive Investment Solutions

McDonnell Capital Management prefers passive investment solutions, when prudent.  However, different asset classes and market conditions demand, and often result in, employing a mix of both passive and active investment solutions.  McDonnell Capital Management, as a client advocate, constantly reviews the pros and cons of active and passive investment solutions for each client’s investment portfolio and recommends the most prudent solution, which includes, but is not limited to, consideration of total investment cost, current market environment, and client liquidity needs. 

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