Institutional Investment Consulting

Our boutique advisory firm provides thought-leadership to institutions and associations in investment reserve management.  As an Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, our firm maintains fiduciary standards that exceed those governing the investment management industry in the U.S.  We help organizations create a written framework they can point to and know that any financial decisions are aligned with the organizational mission and its policies, helping the Board meet their fiduciary duty.  

Our Institutional Investment Consulting Services include:

  • Investment Policy Statement Creation and Management
  • Financial Modeling, Planning and Assessment
  • Investment Management
  • Performance Review and Evaluation
  • Board Education

We know associations.  As active members of the Association Management Company (AMC) Institute & the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), we champion the association industry and its management partners, and are always in the forefront of emerging trends and knowledge.  Both of our Principals have vast experience educating, writing and presenting on topics in institutional asset management, leading conversation among multiple boards and finance committees in liquidity management, best practices in writing Investment Policy Statements, and using financial modeling to help build Board consensus for investment decisions.

Financial Modeling

The best associations use data to make decisions.  Often Boards are comprised of volunteers with differing opinions, interests and acumen.  We rely heavily on financial modeling and use it as the basis for Board education.  We use statistical analysis and market hypotheses to simulate multiple organizational scenarios and deliver probability results and forecasts, which often helps remove individual board member emotion/bias, and create better consensus for organizational-level decision-making.  



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