An Integrated Approach Is Different

Individuals and families face a daunting task of choosing the right advisor, and trying to organize and make sense of all the moving parts of their financial health.  There are thousands of advisors out there who will only pick and/or manage investments.  There is an equal group that will only create a financial plan, or have a limited set of options, such as insurance products, to create a solution.  We believe our clients deserve more than that.  We provide thought-leadership in all aspects of our clients’ financial picture, mentoring them to make solid financial decisions that are consistent with their values and goals.  So often clients hear from a broker, “you’ll have to ask your CPA that”, “that’s an insurance question”, or “you’ll have to ask an attorney to see if you need a trust”.  It is rare to find an advisory team that has the experience and demonstrated competency, backed by credentials, to handle the myriad of issues that should arise in complex investment and wealth management.  We are among the few.  

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