Our Mission

We are educators at heart.  Our mission is to provide thought-leadership, educating clients and mentoring them on how to make financial decisions consistent with their objectives and mission.  



Our firm was built on the values of an incomparable work ethic, life-long passion for learning, and an authentic concern for our clients' well-being.  As a family owned business, we clearly understand that our role, counsel and value extends far beyond financial statements.  Both of our firms’ principals came from the big broker-dealer world, one of which working for one of Wall Street’s largest research firms.  As they looked at their advisory peers and firms, they noticed a few important things that they knew they could change for the better.  Many of the advisors were glorified sales people, possessing little to no advanced education and/or industry certifications.  Yet they had hundreds of clients entrust them with their assets.  What made them qualified?  They also noticed a big conflict of client interest - sales pressure.  Although external marketing eluded to ‘putting the clients first’, month after month came with incentives for advisors to sell new products and funds to clients.  Was that in the client’s best interest?  Much of these frustrations were shared over family dinners, until one night our idea to provide truly a better client experience was born.  An educational approach to helping clients navigate the complex financial issues that arise in investment management, led by a competent, family-owned team, that has only one interest – the client.

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